The Centre

Bambusa Vulgaris

Welcome to the Tobago Centre for the Study and Practice of Indigenous Spirituality.

An accessible sacred place where people of different spiritual traditions can come together, work, study, practice, and find home within. Everyone is welcome.

All indigenous traditions share one thing in common: respect for Mother Earth and rootedness in the Land as the basis of our existence as human beings on this planet. To make this the core of our living is not about going back to an archaic tradition but rather about recognizing that we cannot move forward while leaving the foundation of our existence behind.

We are not separate, the physical from the spiritual, the sacred from the secular, the material from the cosmic, the poetic from the mundane; these are all interconnected in the same way that we are connected to Mother Earth, to Land, to sea; these are the same energies that flow through all living things . . .What has been separated has to be knitted back together .

The Land

Mount St George

The Tobago Centre for the Study and Practice of Indigenous Spirituality is to be situated on a parcel of land in Mt. St. George that lies adjacent to the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which has been protected since 1765, making it the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. By indigenous we are referring to those spiritual practices that are rooted in the soil and energies of early Amerindian communities, as well as those practices that are indigenous to Africa and India and were transposed and shaped by local conditions stemming initially from enslavement and indenture. The Center is a stone’s throw from the Hillsborough Dam that provides water for about one third of Tobago’s population and about 20 km from Grafton Beach, among the most populous nesting sites of the leather back sea turtles—the most ancient of the animal clan—yet among the most endangered. Abundantly generous species of medicinal plants such as wild nutmeg, guava, vetivier, noni, bamboo, verbena and wild sage can be found as well as many species of birds, including the famous Cocorico that opens and closes the day with its raucous calls.  This diverse stream of land that surrounds us is our trust.  We can learn how to become caretakers and companions of this beauty.


The Tobago Centre for the Study and Practice of Indigenous Spirituality is dedicated to the trans-generational preservation of ancestral knowledge and indigenous spiritual traditions through study, reflection and practice.


We believe that:

  • Indigenous communities possess an inalienable right to their cosmological and spiritual beliefs and to practice free from outside interference;Verbenaceae
  • Each tradition has its own spiritual truth;
  • In maintaining the unity across different traditions and strengthening what we have in common, we can contribute to bringing an end to the use of religion as a divisive social force;
  • We can promote gender justice by creating ample space for women elders and spiritual practitioners who are the keepers of sacred knowledge and healers of their families and communities;
  • We can learn how to become caretakers and companions of Mother Earth by fostering a harmonious way of living that is based in respecting the intelligence of the Land;
  • We can enable spiritual healing, internal development and intellectual growth in a sacred space that cultivates and maintains an intergenerational community;
  • We can foster a sense of belonging and love for this place called Trinidad and Tobago.
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