The Tobago Centre for the Study and Practices of Indigenous Spirituality

The Tobago Centre for the Study and Practice of Indigenous Spirituality is dedicated to the trans-generational preservation of ancestral knowledge and indigenous spiritual traditions through study, practice and reflection.  It has a deep commitment to maintaining the unity across these traditions and to fostering a holistic way of living that is based in respecting the intelligence of the sacred Land.

Activities and programs include yoga and meditation; the cross-cultural study of sacred texts accompanied by local and international residencies; various cyclical ceremonial and spiritual gatherings; and the sustainable cultivation of food and medicinal plants to root us to the Land and to teach us how to heal ourselves and our communities. The purpose of these activities is to call us to remember and to live our sacred connections to Mother Earth and to one another so as to strengthen our relationship with the Divine.

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IMAGINE what we can achieve because you believe that other worlds are possible!
  • The Caribbean Climate Change Centre has found that Caribbean countries are among the hardest hit with climate change, yet devote the least amount of resources to addressing it.
  • The Caribbean is among the top 35 of the world’s hot spots – those regions where a high percentage of native plant species is threatened with extinction.
  • Seventy percent of the plants which the US National Cancer Institute identified as having anti-cancer agents are found only in tropical rain forests.

Each of us has a part to play in healing the planet. Stemming climate change ANYWHERE helps to restore balance EVERYWHERE.